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   ENCODER CROSS REFERENCE - Fits & works for SIEMENS 1XP8001-1/1024
Picture of Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024 encoder alternative replacement
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Repair Price: $249.00
New Surplus Price: $Call

Brand: Custom Made for Encoder Connection

Part Number: EXC-8001/1024

Fits: Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024
  • Stainless Steel "one hole" bracket.
  • "Plug in Replacement"  to existing wiring.
  • One year warranty included...
  • Two-piece shaft design.
  • 1XP8001-1/2048 style also available.

For Encoder Assistance Call (828) 449-8548  
* We are an independent company and we are not affiliated with Siemens in any way.

Availability: Stock Item Encoder Stars
Brand: Encoder Connection
Similar to: Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024
Minimum Order: 1
Shipping: $12.95
Price: $Call for Best Price!

Includes One Year Warranty!


Encoder Connection


Part Number: EXC-8001/1024

PN: Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024
Style: Hollow bore with removable threaded shaft Style: Threaded Shaft
Shaft: M8 x 1.25 Pitch Shaft: M8 x 1.25 Pitch
Mounting: Flex Arm mount standard- Stainless Steel Mounting: Flex arm style
Connector:18" cable (foil and braid shield, 24 AWG
conductors) with 12-pin connector
Connector: 12 pin connector
Output: HTL Output: HTL
Resolution: 1,024 Resolution: 1,024

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